Acne Cleansers and Facial Hygene

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Acne Cleansers and Facial Hygene

Washing your face multiple times a day will not help your acne problem. In fact it can make it worst. Overwashing of the face can dry out the skin, making it more suceptible to pimple causing bacteria. Pimples are not caused by bad hygene but they can worsten if ignored. Acne can spread to neighboring skin causing more pimples to pop up. Remember, some facial cleansing systems will actually cause damage to sensitive skin so always sample the new product in a small area before full applications.

Before deciding on which cleansing product you will use to have a fresh, clean and blemish free face, evaluate your skin. Is it dry or oily? Do you have some dry areas and some oily areas? These are things to cnsider when purchasing this sort of item. Basic soap will get you clean but may also dry out your skin causing irritation.

Many gentle facial cleansers are avaliable for sensitive skin. Try a few out. See what is best for you. Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to avoid irritating the skin; avoid the ones that needs to be wiped away. They leave much of the dirt and oils behind which can lead to outbreaks of acne pimples.

Besides the fact that it washes away with water (use warm water, never too not hot), all you need to know about a cleanser is that it makes your skin feel soft, clean and neither dry nor greasy.

The relationship between face washing and acne has always been greatly misunderstood, with most individuals believing that dirt and poor hygiene contribute to acne. In fact, a recent survey conducted showed that overwashing resulted in irritation and spreading of their acne.

To determine the scientific validity of this myth (myth of acne pimples correlated with lack of proper hygene), the effects of face washing on acne were recently studied at Stanford University. A group of twenty-four males washed their faces twice a day for two weeks using a mild over-the-counter facial cleanser. Then the participants were randomly selected to wash their faces either once, twice or four times a day for another six weeks. The study found that washing the face either once, twice or four times daily did not significantly change the appearance or condition of acne, and determined that the positive effects of increased facial cleansing are minimal at best. Dermatologists continue to recommend washing the face twice daily to maintain good overall skin health.

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